humanoid camera
the camera as my constant companion.

for me, the process of taking speaking pictures in day-to-day life situations captures my perception of real, candid scenes that have been truly experienced by me at some point in my life. coming from mobile phone photography, i usually don't accept that the act of daily photographing determines life but i rather attempt to use my thirst for new subjects as an opportunity to discover as many levels, places, things and influences as possible.

in real life i'm - among other things - engaged in an aerospace technology business segment and eagerly interested in acoustical engineering. despite this pretty serious environment i always try to preserve ease and my talents for creative thinking and scrutinising. my often unplanned and improvised photography supports these intents.

if i'd have to name one central lesson i've learned from life until today, my answer would be the maxim

don’t take yourself too seriously.

considering our current evolution - especially if you are a basically rational person - in my humble opinion, (day) dreaming and small time-outs are essential and make the difference between being alive and being a survivor. at the moment i get these, location-related very natural moments in the beautiful proximity of constance (bodensee), however being full of constant unrest i already desire for roving about and portraying my favorite (german) city and former home town hamburg.

a time will come when every dream comes true. if only in another dream.