2812 - headless

sony nex 7 with sel 35 f1.8 | f2.8 | ISO100 | 1/80

although i often rail against the dreariness of friedrichshafen, its museums are not less than first class. both the dornier museum at the airport as well as the zeppelin museum on the waterfront have straight, clear shapes and consequently message. besides huge bodies of knowledge that are presented in different modern and interesting ways - new media included - and are only waiting to be checked out by the visitors, also the photographer doesn't come off badly.

sony nex 7 with sel 35 f1.8 | f4.0 | ISO100 | 1/60

today i used the visit to the zeppelin museum of friedrichshafen as a chance to attach the new sony sel 35 f1.8 to my nex7 the first time. how shall i put it? it's gorgeous! 

sony nex 7 with sel 35 f1.8 | f4.0 | ISO100 | 1/100

what's the easiest way to shortly describe the capabilities and peculiarities of a new gadget without using technical wording and rattling out specifiations?

in my opinion the sel 35 is rather a shrunken sel 50 than a hybrid of the sigma 30 f2.8 and the sel 50. although i must confess that i haven't stopped down the lens above f4.0 yet, it seems to be obvious that the sigma will remain the sharpness champion in this competition, but the sel 35 is almost on level. however in all the other categories there is a clear decision by me - the sony is the better package. stabilisation (i love it!), much better look and feel and the low light advantages definitely compensate the plus in costs. moreover the 35mm focal length gives a bit of a more interesting angle of view, at least for my photographic eye.



i'm going to use the sel 35 continuously for at least one week now. so stay tuned to my daily updates if you are interested in further details, images and opinions about the sony sel 35 f1.8.

1811 - temporary dormancy

setup: sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | 50mm | f4.0 | ISO100 | 4s | lightroom 4.2

during the cold season my racer is mostly parked in the bedroom. already in hamburg i'd convinced tina of the necessity to accommodate the gracile bike in a delightful surrounding - in this way one of my bicycles found its way into our bed chambers.

i've no clue why it struck my eye just today - i hadn't mind it since several weeks now. but when i entered the bedroom without switching the lamps on, it looked at me in the dark, only by the corridor lights illuminated environment as if it wants to claim more attention from me.

no fear, my darling, you are reserved for prime weather conditions. hopefully you are satisfiable with the starring of today's posting for now.

cu, trshptr

0811 - sweep of the horizon

setup: sony nex 7 with walimex pro 8 f2.8 fisheye | 8mm | f2.8 | ISO1600 | 1/15 | cornerfix & lightroom 4.2

next birhday, next journey - today we drove to the carl-zeiss city jena to visit the planetarium with tina's father, who turned 47 this week. it was only the second or third time overall that i went to a planetarium. the appertaining facilities in jena and also the whole technical audio and video equipment was modernised during the last months and the outside of the astrodome is currently rebuilt to the historical, original condition by being painted in the same colours and decorated with the same pictures.

unfortunately today's image had to be underexposed by almost two stops because there was simply not more light emitted by the projector and i did not want to raise the iso value over 1600 to keep as much details as possible in the raw file and the shutter speed was with 1/15 already at the upper limit, too. consequently exposing any longer was also no option because the whole sky was spinning. so i had to push the highlights and whites during post processing, but by now i really don't know if the results wouldn't have been a bit better if i'd used 6400 and as a result exposed almost correctly.

whatever, despite my bleating the overall result is still pleasing. and of course the visit and the whole day were nice, too.

cu, trshptr

0711 - eye of the tiger

setup: sony nex 7 with sigma 30 f2.8 ex dn | 30mm | f5.6 | ISO100 | 1/250 | lightroom 4.2

in recent months i'd to learn that lighting design has become an ordinary field of study by now. especially concerning the led headlights of the new volkswagen, audi and porsche i've to admit that these guys have done a really good job.

the expression of the new vw passat of my father frightens simply everybody who gets sight of him in the rear-vision mirror.

cu, trshptr

0508 - country portrait

0508 - country portrait

setup: sony nex 7 with sigma 30 f2.8 ex dn | 30mm | f3.2 | ISO100 | 1/800 | lightroom 4.1

customs and traditions are different from country to country, even from state to state. where in bavaria the munich beer festival is feasted, in eastern germany the father's day is well-known and in hamburg the people celebrate each birthday of their huge harbour. however the area at lake constance is far-famed for their wine festivals: in september we are going to celebrate the wine festival of our home village - the venue is located directly next to our courtyard. this festival is quasi coming home to us.

not far from our place - half an hour by car - the area around tettnang constitutes an exception: their cultivations aren't about grapes but hops. today the official hops hiking day was executed. four different beer villages were built to entertain and feed the people with food and beer from more than 20 different breweries. this festival was a welcome change to the otherwise executed (booze-)events. between the villages that were distributed on the hills of tettnang you had to walk and in this way you got around to arouse new thirst.

moreover we met nice and interesting people on the ways between the beer villages. above all i spotted a farmer who enjoyed his beer next to his tractor and shot a - in my opinion - really appropriate image for this rural and rustic area.

cu, trshptr

1507 - preparation

1507 - preparation

setup: sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | 50mm | f2.0 | ISO500 | 1/80 | lightroom 4.1

one time a year an open-air cinema event is conducted in our small village bermatingen. a visit to a movie is nothing out of the ordinary, but an open-air cinema is always somewhat special. we got excited about this special kind of event already in our youth, because one of the few drive-in cinemas is located only a few car minutes from our hometowns and we have been there many times in our youth, by car and also by bicycle.

an open-air movie enjoyment is completely different to an indoor session: anyway it is especially cosy, the people are allowed to smoke and if the weather is suitable you can see the stars in the sky. and if the movie is as good as the yesterday's one - "intouchables" was shown - everything is inherently consistent.

as a sideline i have observed the preparation work of the operator of the movable cinema equipment some minutes before the event started. the used system still works with film roles that had to be fixed in the projector. of course the operator managed this task very meticulous and experienced.

cu, trshptr

2105 - hot potato

hot potato

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 30mm | f4.0 | ISO1600 | 1/20 | lightroom 4

the time has come, the borrowed eos 400d makes way for my new nex 7. don't be afraid - otherwise everything will remain unchanged.

i'm geared up to start respectively to resume my work. as a start my new sony nex 7 will be matched with the sigma 30 f2.8, the manual (toy lens) fujian 35 f1.7 - i'm aware of the peculiarities of this cheap cctv lens - or the sony 50 f1.8. additionally in the near future i'll be on the look-out for a wide-angel lens. i read some rumours about a native e-mount 10-18 f4.0 wide-angel zoom which would fit in with my kit very well. and last but not least i think about the purchase of the sony sel 55-210 f4.5-6.3 but before i get myself a telephoto lens i'll wait for the occurrence where i absolutely need such a thing.

what more need to be said? among other things i'm going to use two 16gb sdhc memory cards, a crumpler camera bag, a second battery and a gorillapod. in some cases - if i'm satisfied with the camera's results - i'll also publish "out of camera" (ooc) jpegs because i want to show the entire capabilities of the nex 7. for that reason i'm going to use the special modes like dynamic range optimisation (dro) and high dynamic range (hdr), too. tips and criticism or simple statements are very welcome!

cu, trshptr

1305 - quality and passion

quality and passion

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 49mm | f5.6 | ISO200 | 1.6s | lightroom 4

today afternoon i was up for an extensive music listening pleasure. i would like to describe two different perspectives on the topic.

the head:
technics assures quality. since my uncle had given me an understanding of loudspeakers, amplifiers and sound sources i am very interested in acoustical engineering. for that reason i have studied mechanical engineering with the area of specialisation mechatronics and acoustics and in autumn i will begin a further education study - designed as distance learning - with the topic computational engineering in berlin - i'm looking forward. i want to be forearmed when my time at lake constance has passed and i'm going to return back to acoustics - maybe in 2014.

to assure appealing sound quality i own a good and proper equipment, maybe further details will be the topic of future postings. beforehand i would like to recommend the company nubert: the value-for-money ratio of their loudspeakers is outstanding.

the soul:
music is passion. enthusiasm catches everybody up that opens up to its energy. music is a permanent feature of my daily life. my favourite radio station fm4 from vienna is on constantly and if it isn't i permanently look for new music at spotify. additionally tina and i as often as possible visit concerts and festivals, this year probably the southside festival and the rock am see festival.

above all i have the liability to depressive music. music can't be too sad for me. even though it may sound unusual - many a time i'm overwhelmed by a special transient mood so that i just can't help it and indeed the music makes me cry. for me this is a cathartic process.

music is passion. among others it is my passion.

cu, trshptr