0204 - partial chromatic patch day

patch day

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 31mm | f4.5 | ISO100 | 1.3s | aperture priority | raw file cropped, aligned and processed in lightroom 4

although today was not the second tuesday of the month but the first monday, for me it was patch day. my beloved galaxy nexus received an update to android 4.0.4 aka build imm76d. the patch fixes some problems with the built-in camera app, improves the performance of the operating system and resolves more than 100 minor issues.

as a result of the android update i had to perform the root process again, because the device looses the root feature while bringing an official software update into coincidence. however root access is mandatory if you want to use apps that need in-depth system control.

by way of example the application dslr controller requires this feature. with this tiny little piece of software you are allowed to control your canon eos dslr from your android device, with nothing more than an usb cable. mainly i use dslr controller to review my captured pics on my tablet pc or compile exposure latitudes by the help of my galaxy nexus when i´m on the way.

therefore i spent my evening with numb, cold hard- and software - as if i hadn´t had enough time with bits and bytes all day long. but are technics really deadhearted? i don´t think so. look over the picture. as you can see android, the little robot that lives in my smartphone, is in maintenance mode, quasi at the doctor´s. feel reassured - it was only a routine check and he is well again!

cu, trshptr