0504 - whereto? gone astray

gone astray

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 24mm | f7.1 | ISO100 | 30s | aperture priority | raw file cropped, aligned and processed in lightroom 4

after my boss had permitted the whole team to take a half day off before easter i left business for my free afternoon already at 1pm. concerning my photography project today different techniques should be being tested. beside correction of structure distortion of a straight-line architecture by post-processing in lightroom a first long-time exposure session should be checked out.

subsequent to lunch with tina in my canteen i had to chauffeur her to the hospital for work - she is currently on call, i´m with you, babe. the architectural test object for the first half my today´s agenda is located directly next to the hospital. the psychiatric ward is eyecatcher and contradiction concurrently, of which more later. anyhow as you can see above i decided to choose the pic of the second half of my agenda although different pictures of the ward had turned out well. but today the sun lost the day against the clouds wherefore only dim light was available. i will shoot a photograph of the this year newly constructed psychiatric ward on a moodier day again.

the photography above is really far away from being a masterpiece, it is not more than a first attempt. the location wasn´t perfect, the shooting position was maybe a little bit too low, the tree is located in the line of sight and the illumination at the lower end of the roundabout traffic is not completely coherent. but even if these facts are excuses, this is not so bad. to get a feel for the situation both while shooting and post-processing was decisive for me. and i achieved this aim. 

to reach a higher position for the shooting i had to burgle an external staircase by climbing a scaffolding - hopefully nobody had seen me. one of the biggest challenges of the shooting was the waiting. in a rural region the passing of five cars in half a minute at 11pm is the exception rather than the rule, ten cars are almost a miracle. but finally i got some stripes on my pics and this is what i wanted.

cu, trshptr