0205 - in the spotlight

in the spotlight

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 27mm | f4.0 | ISO1600 | 1/50 | aperture priority | raw files cropped, aligned and processed in lightroom 4

... for tina is today, that her night duty proceeds as relaxed as it had begun. i just surprised her with a thermos bottle filled with hot mcdonalds cappuccino.

afterwards she showed me the stark mood of an abandoned hospital at night.

marginal note:
during the last days i have bothered about my blog and its keynote. in my opinion there are enough 365 days projects that have no quality. it's all right as long as a pic is published every day. the quality of these blogs' images suffers for example from the lack of adequate scenes. that is not what i want. that's why i have declared some rules for me and my project:

- the photo is the central element on the blog.

- the most important thing is not the equipment (although i'm looking forward to my birthday and hopefully a nice present), the important thing is you by yourself. the idea, the composition, the implementation, the processing, nothing else matters. nevertheless i'm going to milk the capabilities of the nex as good as possible.

- like the blog name explains i'll publish (minimum) one photo a day, but the blog isn't a dedicated 365 days / one year project, it's simply a day by day photography website. why shall i commit myself to only one year? is the aim of shooting a pic a day so nerving that you long for the end of the project already at the beginning of it?

- if there is nothing to tell on a given day, no posting will be published. instead of wasting my and your time with struggling about the bad quality of an enforced shot on an uninspired day i'll have a good time fiddling with my bunch of other hobbies. stress and restrictions are ever-present in the daily life, i don't want to get worked up over by this project someday.

- but: my cam will accompany me every day and night to every location. i'm very disciplined, you can expect that certainly more than 300 pics will be shot and published during the next year.

for this reasons i hereby declare my project as already on-going. only the tools will change in a few days, but that's why i don't expect real improvements in the overall picture quality by itself. at first i have to hone my skills.

cu, trshptr