2205 - pour oil into the fire

pour oil into the fire

setup: sony nex 7 with sigma 30 f2.8 ex dn | 30mm | f4.0 | ISO100 | 1/400 | high contrast monochrome jpg ooc

my first day with the new equipment.

as expected i'm blown away. the nex 7 is simply incredible. there are so many customisable features that at the moment - after hours of usage - i still haven't completely realised which button triggers which special function.
regarding image quality there is no need of a discussion. 10mp of my borrowed eos vs. 24mp of the nex: forget everything you would expect of a compact camera about details and replace this with more than the twice - nex 7, here we go!

today i have already tested the sigma 30 f2.8 as well as the sony sel 50 f1.8, which is currently mounted to my new device while i'm sitting here next to two chattering ladies in a cozy restaurant in friedrichshafen and writing the draft of my posting on my cell phone. although i have a bunch of nice portraits of the two girls shot with the 50mm wide open resting on my sd card, today's pic is of a rough nature.

the fire bowl of our neighbours filled with a puddle of water, embellished with a little shovel, a little bit garden waste and a reflecting oil film that shows the detailed heavy clouds in the sky - believe me, the scenery wasn't made by me - and my new nex in combination with the sigma in ooc high contrast monochrome mode deserves my recognition.

so there is really no reason to proverbially proud oil into the fire.

cu, trshptr