1309 - the entrance

1309 - the entrance

setup: sony nex 7 with sigma 30 f2.8 ex dn | 30mm | f2.8 | ISO1600 | 1/10 | lightroom 4.1

tomorrow we'll have our last work day for the next two weeks. tina and i already long for our vacation in italy. after a few days of hiking in the ortler alps we are going to settle down in a cottage in the region of liguria after we will have visited the city parma on our way to south.

before we'll begin our vacation we've a hard row to hoe on the forthcoming weekend: tomorrow evening we will take a bus to berlin and already 24 hours later we will take the same bus to bring us home again. the reason behind this crazy journey is the international aeronatic exhibition in berlin, that we are going to visit on saturday. anyhow a few hours in the huge city of berlin and time for a hopefully great dinner should be left in the basket before we approach the second 800 kilometres of the trip.

somewhat shorter was my today's journey: after my climbing lesson in the evening i have passed the still occupied castle of kirchberg near immenstaad for a moody, handheld night shot.

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