0201 - pantheress vs. lion

rednose bite - sony nex 7 with sel 35 f1.8 | f2.0 | ISO400 | 1/320

stacation has at least one big advantage - finally i find the time again to take pictures of our pets here in the yard. paulinchen, the white pantheress of our neighbours, is nicknamed burglar cat by us, because she is so interested in every corner of the yard that no opened door or window is secure from her invasion.

well roar'd lion - sony nex 7 with sel 35 f1.8 | f2.0 | ISO160 | 1/60

our lion like cat nila is actually fond of paulinchen although i make her look like roaring at anybody in the image above. just for the brief moment while she was yawning i had the possibility to portray her lion like. basically time is definitely one of the most important points if you want to shoot animals of any kind (pets are by far the easiest subjects for an animal photographer, of course) - at the best your time is unlimited.