change(,) of course!

in consequence of upcoming bigger changes in my work-life balance a few, also bigger things will be changed here on the blog, too: within the last eighteen months this blog, which was initially set up just to document my learning process in terms of photography, has mutated into an emotional and very personal history log with an attached, nice little portfolio. photography has taken on an important role in my spare time since that point. although pure traffic and wide influence on the scene are not in the centre of my interest, a small, but respectable number of people seems to be firmly attracted by the shown content, since there are at least twenty to sometimes more than two hundred visitors per day here on the website.

as you might appreciate, the requirements on this project here have been redefined and massively extended by me in course of time: despite the current need to cut it fine, my photography shall be lifted onto a new, enhanced level; the next step is due now. although it is scarcely to be expected, that all shown images will be masterpieces from now on just because of my decision to change something, i want to encourage myself and everybody else to deal more intensely with the content. additionally after the wonderful phase of taking mainly nice and mostly beautiful photographs i think about leaving the current path and breaking (for me) new ground. to be honest, i don't know yet, what this intention means exactly. first and foremost there'll be an impact on the frequency of my publications: i probably won't be able to come out with more than one to three posts per week, if i want to devote myself to each dedicated topic.

i'm looking forward to this self-enforced change, that actually won*t be changing that much. and as always i'm going to report my thoughts. cu


the glow - sony nex 7 | sel50 f1.8 | f2.0 | ISO100 | 1/250