low range option

source: www.samsung.com

source: www.samsung.com

summer is coming and therewith the need for an ultra lightweight photo option will probably grow in me again.

last week i followed the samsung galaxy s6 edge announcement with great relish since i don't own a proper smartphone besides my business blackberry. as a result at the moment i always have to take one of my cameras with me, even if the scenario is actually not really appropriate.

the first hands-on results with the s6 available in the internet lead to the initial conclusion that in terms of photographic aspects the new device seems to define new standards for mobile phones: i'm wondering if at least in good conditions the results will meet serious photographic requirements.

i'll report in the following way: either you will see sample shot with the mobile device's camera (sensor size 1/2.6", 16mp, 28mm, f1.9, optical image stabilisation, continuous autofocus) here in the blog or i'll mute about the phone issue from now on.