1503 - introduction

trshptr, t.r.s.h.p.t.r or trashpater, that´s it. not really.

offstage there hides a (much more than only) photography interested nobody (named Alex), born in 1984, whose decision to upgrade from smartphone snapshoting to serious digital imaging arrived in summer of 2011.

with this tiny little webpage i´d like to document my personal progress of learning photography techniques and developing an eye for moments and details.

if you participate in this blog you´ll accompany me on my way through germany and europe, through public and private issues.

in my opinion in real world photography the photo itself should not gain center stage. what is your achievement if you missed the situation?
that´s why my future camera has to be compact and inconspicuously - sony nex, ready for competition?
currently i work with the canon eos 400d of my mother-in-law, but an upgrade is abundant.

coming trips will lead my wife and me in the next three months to manchester (uk), sardinia (it) and algarve (pt). my stamping ground is the area around lake constance in the south of germany.

it is my intention to get this blog to work in the coming weeks publishing some "old" shots from the eos 400d until i give the nex - probably the 5n - myself as a present in may 2012.
after that i hope to hang on to publish a photo every day , in consequence of dead zones in the middle of nowhere a delay of few days has to be accepted.
http://366nex.blogspot.com served as a model for this blog, i recommend luca´s blog to everybody who´s interested in superior photography and plastic and straight real world stories told by one simple image a day.

my challenge for march and april is to determine which lenses i should buy as a basic package.
at the moment my favorites are the sel 50f1.8 (already ordered), the kit lens (increases the price of the cam only about 180€ - must-have) and maybe the sel 55-210.
furthermore i observe ebay to purchase a secondhand sel 16f2.8 pancake. in the distant future my view will focus on manual lenses but therefor i need a bunch of more experience. time will tell.

don´t worry, the blog design will receive an update soon.

cu, trshptr