1603 - street art london

Street Art II

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 18mm | f8 | shot 3 pics in aperture priority | mounted on gorilla pod | exposure values -2, 0, +2 | hdr composed in picturenaut

at the beginning of february 2012 my wife tina, one of my best friends martin, his girlfriend jule and i flew to london for a chill and party weekend.
we walked around most of the time and looked for any kind of interesting location to absorb the atmosphere and learn about the finenesses of london.

as far as i can see eyery city has its own flavor - in 2011 we visited many european cities with great characteristics including bilbao, edinburgh, zurich, glasgow, porto, stuttgart, munich and so on. not any of this has the cosmopolitan flair of london, neither my favorit city hamburg where my wife and i spent four years of our lifes. in return central london canĀ“t afford that real english image - its core is a melting pot like new york, berlin, paris and maybe milan.
So for me the most interesting areas could be found in the suburbs and minor roads.

in one of this "second class roads" next to the waterloo station the city government established an official graffiti area where already banksy had left his marks. i developed this realistic hdr photography for my friend martin because he is such a big fan of street art. on his birthday in the middle of february i gave him a printed book with the best shots from our london trip as a present, the photo above was included.