0904 - tickets, please

tickets, please

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 53mm | f6.3 | ISO800 | 1/100 | aperture priority | raw files cropped, aligned and processed in lightroom 4

yesterday i waxed lyrical about this long weekend, today in the morning it came to an abrupt interruption: at 7am marv had to be taken to the railstation in ueberlingen where he got his lift to berlin. unfortunately i was not in a really good temper, probably i had slept lightly. no skiving, ok. but sometimes it has to be ok to rest easy.

while tina and marv were waiting for the arrival of the lift i took the eos and walked around at the place. ueberlingen┬┤s rail station which was in a complete calm and abandoned state at this holiday┬┤s morning is a deeply interesting example of infrastructure-architecture. into a subjacent platform with old brickwork and historical bridges bordering the terrain - i stood at one of this while capturing the picture above - new glazed and metallic elements like stairs, elevators and escalators were integrated.

the structural conditions combined with a fairly large quantity of doves, a very small quantity of human beings and the cold, clear air led on to the impression of a special mood. that made my day already at its early beginning.

dove, you tiny little train guard - have fun. hope you have a handle on the goings-on.

cu, trshptr