0705 - downhill force

downhill force

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 18mm | f4.0 | ISO800 | 1/800 | lightroom 4

actually i'm a big fan of the uphill climb. that's why i own a hard tail mountain bike and a racing cycle. although i'm usually not frightened to go downhill, there are enough reasons for me to live without a full suspension bike.

besides the huge maintenance expenditure of the additional hinges, the irreversibility of the drive train, the higher injury risk while going downhill and higher acquisition costs the main purpose of my in the summer almost daily used bike was the clincher: i use it especially to get to work, to go on excursions with tina and to exercise my endurance. therefor you don't need no soft tail. that's enough of factual explanations.

after a usual working monday i had to supply my need for a little uphill tour. while i was sneaking uphill i thought about the loneliness and solitude that you can find in forests only on monday afternoons. everybody seems to have more important things to do than a walk through the trees. fortunately i had resisted the rationality and suddenly my life was enormously slowing down, if only for this brief moment.

only the downhill force awaked me from my daydream.

cu, trshptr

btw: no, the pic above was not shot with a go pro hero. 8) sadly the exposure time was set up a little bit too short to show the real speed of me and my bike of round about 30km/h. at least the fork is sharp.