1105 - community


setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 35mm | f4.5 | ISO400 | 1/40 | lightroom 4

contrary to f.e. the uk in germany it is common practise to rent the dwelling. of course we don't buck the trend. as i said before we live in a very beautiful rented accommodation with a huge courtyard in its middle. next to us a handful other parties reside. today we - (almost) all together - had a very nice time at a wine tasting directly next to our house at the vineyard "markgraf von baden".

we have learned a lot about wine, its production, the vineyard (140 hectare) itself and the earl. after five hours of talks and fun i summed the evening up in a small piece of poetry for the host's guestbook. in german:

freitag abend,
6 sorten wein,
erquickend und erlabend,
da sagt der eichenhof nicht nein,
dazu ein opulentes vesper,
nette gedichte,
definitv keine rester,
nur mehr lachen im gesichte.

analogous in english, of course without rhyme:

friday evening,
6 sorts of wine,
invigorating and refreshing,
the "eichenhof" doesn't say no,
additionally an opulent evening meal,
nice pieces of poetry,
definitely no remains,
just more laughter in our faces.

the community is strong.

in the pic above you can see some bottles of homemade pear schnapps of the vineyard.

cu, trshptr