2007 - experimental views

2007 - experimental views

setup: sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | 50mm | f2.0 | ISO320 | 1/80 | lightroom 4.1

weekend time is visiting time. this weekend two fellow students are visiting me at lake constance. christian, who is the father of a two and a half year old, cute boy, hasn't been at my place since more than two years. and i've not seen karl, who is also a father since more than one year, since we ended our movement to the lake in summer 2009. a long time passed since then, but luckily we are still on the same page although we three are completely different as different can be.

after they'd arrived at my workplace, i've showed them everything in my company, the facilities and the beautiful surroundings at the lake. when we came home tina had already prepared the dinner so that we could directly have a seat for a great spaghetti bolognese and some beers. in the evening we visited the opening of the exhibition "experimentelle 17" and ended in a tiny little bar with another beer.

the vernissage gave variety in modern, experimental art: iron structures, paintings and sculptures of well- and also little-known artists are exhibited at five places at the lake constance for two months from now on. the work of peter casagrande was the most impressive one: he works with huge canvas and glaring colours, beautiful to look at. however the work of andreas lau was the most interesting one: as an example he creates plastic, three-dimensional images with dozens of multilayered dots with different diameters in front of a shadowed background. really formidable!

the image in my pic shows a blurred child, that is traversed by some parallel lines. if you view this image at a remove from some meters, the child is clearly visible. however if you see the painting from up close, everything blurs to a coloured mass. also very formidable and a top implementation by the artist!

for logical reasons i used the topic and the kind of implementation of "the child", my favourite exhibited painting, as an opportunity to implement my daily pic also of this character. my pic a multilayered, partly blurred, candid self portrait of tina and me in the environment of the exhibition.

cu, trshptr