following the joint

following the joint - sony nex 7 | sel35 f1.8 | f2.0 | ISO3200 | 1/4

there are always two sides of the medal: unfortunately our time in the historic flat here at lake constance won't be everlasting, where the change will probably bring along a lot of new opportunities. so it's high time for me to document the characteristics of the more than 300 years old building more often now, before we will have to leave this place in the near future.

0902 - grain skin

grain skin - sony nex 7 | sel50 f1.8 | f1.8 | ISO6400 | 1/15

today i finally decided to make the next small (fun-) step in my photographic life - before the production of 35mm film will be completely discontinued anytime, i'm going to have at least one try with analog photography even this spring. therefor i ordered one role ilford delta 3200 Professional (b+w), kodak portra 800 (colour) and fujifilm superia 1600 (colour) each. 

why such sensitive films? well, i want to begin (and probably stay) with a ultra-compact fun cam, something like a diana mini or any other lomography camera, since it has to accompany me to music festivals and other chaotic events where the nex usually has no place in. naturally you have to use high iso films if you want to shoot these lomo cams (fixed plastic lens, (almost) fixed, slow f-stop - f8/f11 switch, fixed shutter speed - 1/60) at dusk. although i definitely expect not less than blurred, grainy, absolutely poor exposed results of my coming lomo cam, i'm able to look forward to work with film. expectations can only be belied if they are exaggerated. actually i have only one expectation: with at a max 36 images on a role you have to think long and hard about your composition, which is why i hope to improve my photographic skills further.

with the intention to give high iso film a try sometime, i avoided to apply noise reduction to my self portrait already today. what you see is my grainy face in the double window of our kitchen with the idyllic, nightly yard in winter dress in the background.

0102 - couch berry

couch berry - sony nex 7 | sel50 f1.8 | f2.0 | ISO1600 | 1/10

a couch potato is characterised by sitting or remaining inactive for most of the day with little or no exercise [wikipedia]. it's not that tina would remind me of a potato, but more of a kind of sweet berry, of course. when you are not in the best of health, you may adapt your behaviours to the usual (german) unemployee.

3001 - stickyfridge

stickyfridge - sony nex 7 | sel35 f1.8 | f2.8 | ISO800 | 1/25

every now and then i use my mobile phone cam for a snapshot, probably like everybody of you does, too. funnily enough, at the end of december i received nine of them printed on fridge magnets as a christmas present from tina. for me these nine stickygrams are a really cool way to remember nine great moments of our lives.

2601 - the fridge

the fridge - sony nex 7 | sel 35 f1.8 | f2.0 | ISO1600 | 1/320

up to yesterday i didn't know that a fridge can be such a social place. during the evening every guest of my mate dominik's great birthday party availed oneself perceived three to four times with beer and other chilled stuff from the refrigerator. if you had set yourself the goal to meet some new people, you simply had to wait at the fridge for the next thirsty person.

thank you all for the wonderful night.

2112 - recreation

sony nex 7 with sigma 30 f2.8 ex dn | f2.8 | ISO1600 | 1/25

could there be any better ways to start filthy weather vacations than with an extensive fitness and spa session? not for me.

after i had locked more or less all the doors at work late in the afternoon, tina picked me up while heading to our fitness studio in meersburg. the rest of the evening was pure recreation. although the interior of the attached spa is at least from the 90's and the whole facility is quite small, the key factors are definitely right - the spa is clean, tidy and there is everything you need for having a pleasant time.