1009 - everyday life

1009 - everyday life

setup: sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | 50mm | f2.0 | ISO800 | 1/80 | lightroom 4.1

with today's pic unfortunately i really don't know if tina will be still fond of me tomorrow morning when she will light upon my daily post.

withal i want to use today's posting for a declaration of love to my lady: also with a towel in your hair you are for me simply the most adorable girl in the world. okay, there are some garments like the white teddy sweatpants, that are not quite ... joke aside, you can even do with towels in your hair and ugly sweatpants.

today's pic was shot while tina was checking anything on the internet. luckily she'd thought that i'm already in the shower but this was not the case. candid portraits please me more and more - the blog seems to convert to a photographic diary. hopefully concerning the photographic matter a learning curve will become visible increasingly.

cu, trshptr