1710 - early bird

setup: sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | 50mm | f5.6 | ISO200 | 1/80 | lightroom 4.2

the days of enjoyable temperatures in the morning are mostly gone now. all the better that the forecasts for the weekend predict late summer conditions. so i could be really happy about that but unfortunately i will spend these days in barcelona and not at home. hopefully we will get a piece of the cake there, too.

today i used the announcing prime weather to go to work by bike again. i actually thought that i'd be one of the first who is on the go in the fields in the morning but i was surprised by the fruit farmers again: in simply every plantation the farmers and their temporary workers were already occupied with the harvest of the big, red and ripe apples.

i really appreciate the possibility to buy fresh and organic food at the local dealers. support your local dealer is a good credo.

cu, trshptr