round-about orange-blue

round-about orange-blue - sony nex 7 | sel 35 f1.8 | f5.6 | ISO800 | 1/40

whereas i'm currently busy all the day long, i only have the possibility to capture the beautiful environment of southern france in the early morning or late in the evening. since i actually prefer to sleep as long as possible in the morning (as everybody of you does probably), only the evenings are left in the basket. doesn't matter, as long as the light and the colours stay that fantastic i'll proceed with portraying the french landscape at dusk.

0402 - oversized

oversized - sony nex 7 | walimex pro 8mm f2.8 | f5.6 | ISO200 | 1/125

on some days everything seems to be too large. although i really don't know if the reason for that is my littleness or the tremendous size of my surroundings, the impact is always the same - regardless of where i'd been before, these days bring me back down to earth.

2512 - yoo-hoo smile

sony nex 7 with fujian 35 f1.7 | f1.8 | ISO1600 | 1/20

although you might think that the pic of our today's (second) presents hand out looks a bit like a frame of a posed scenery, there was truly not more than a yoo-hoo by me to attract tina's attention for a short time, this one (almost) candid image. your eye for the details - colours, lights, atmosphere and so much more - is the key to success.

my enchantress tina and i wish you all the very best!

2012 - alpenglow

sony nex 7 with sigma 30 f2.8 ex dn | f2.8 | ISO500 | 1/60

in the language of the currently extremely bashed instagram today's image could be definitely tagged with the string #nofilterneeded. today in the morning when i walked from the parking to the company area, on the horizon the alps were shaded in a strong, intense orange and the dark clouds above beautifully illuminated in purple and magenta.

anytime i'm going to watch this spectacle from a summit in the middle of the mountains.