1211 - sun-rimmed glasses

setup: sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | 50mm | f2.8 | ISO100 | 1/500 | lightroom 4.2

the cold months constrain me to go by bus in the morning, especially if tina needs the car. at the moment we own only one car, an eleven years old volkswagen golf iv. i bought it in 2002 with only 5k kilometres driven. today there are 320k on the counter, and i haven't had any incidents yet. what a great car!

nevertheless riding my bike is my favourite way to go to work. unfortunately i'm still a bit sick, so I didn't want to risk to become completely ill by breathing the very cold and fresh air on the bike this morning. anyhow i'm able to use the comfortable transportation system of a certain company bus, that stops both directly in front of my home and also my company. fortunately i don't use this service every day, otherwise i could not guarantee that my physical condition would be as good as today in a few months.

cu, trshptr