1312 - reasonable doubt

sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | f1.8 | ISO100 | 1/250

till today tina hasn't completely taken to the things i'm concerned with. this stands to reason, since even i by myself don't feel certain with every detailed issue of this complex topic. all the things that are made for killing bring along a very negative connotation, regardless of whether the underlying engineering achievement deserves acknowledgement or not.

sony nex 7 with sel 50 f1.8 | f1.8 | ISO100 | 1/500

how much sorrow had this old jet brought upon the global population before it was retired? this is definitely the wrong question. 

the evil itself isn't arising from the existence of weapons. quite the opposite, due to the incredible power, energy and force of tools like jets (today's dangerous, irregular) enemies can be thrown again and again. in the best case it's enough to deploy every weapon only in the context of show of force. i wish this could be the custom.