2703 - chaos men

chaos men

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 18mm | f4.0 | ISO800 | 1/13 | aperture priority | raw file cropped, aligned and processed in rawtherapee

many men at one place produce very big chaos, maybe apart from military organized assosiations. my soccer club isn´t part of the well "shepherded" organisations when it comes to keep orderliness and cleanliness in its changing rooms.

when i arrived at the club house today in the evening some minutes after training had already started, the in the picture above outlined gracile chaos came out. all players were already engaged on the soccer field, so i had two minutes to capture this image.

inasmuch as i have a long history with soccer i feel home in and like the mood of changing rooms. while my city trips i have also inspected some changing rooms of professionals, f.e. in hamburg, glasgow or munich. never once the smell of grass, sweat or dubbin was perceptible. that is not really me scene.

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