2803 - grainy idyll

grainy idyll

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 49mm | f5.6 | ISO100 | 1/250 | aperture priority | jpg file ooc, only cropped in gimp 2.6

remember where you come from. this saying that was preached by dani, my last year´s surf teacher from bilbao, is always on my mind. times are changing, circumstances and surroundings, too.

what is and will remain is your origin. although i like to be an urban city boy who enjoys all kinds of the provided possibilities, who goes out and explores the streets every day, i currently have to accept that at lake constance rural life dominates.

for different reasons this fact isn´t a deal breaker for me: first of all we are situated in a stage of life of temporary nature. fortunately we exactly know when we will leave the south of germany again to move to ... . dot, dot, dot, because we already have an option for the next period of our lives but here and now we want to focus on actuality. otherwise you spend too much time with planing your further life while missing out on currentness. the second matter has to do with our beginnings. tina and i had grown up at a highly rural region in the east of germany before we got together in may of 2004 and moved to hamburg a year after. the liaison with the nature has always played a huge role in our lives and wasn´t disregarded during urban phases. last but not least the area around lake constance has the distinction of being one of the most beautiful regions in central europe. a great many tourists visit meersburg, hagnau and lindau or the southern coast of the lake in switzerland during the summer period between easter and september. why, this being the case, should we wish to be somewhere else?

the incluence of this issue on my photography project can´t be denied. so i take it as it comes - periodically pictures of our wonderful nature will be interspersed in my blog stream. but don´t worry - as often as possible i will give relief to them with involving anything that makes them less monotonous.

hope you enjoy the great sunset in the pic above, tina and i did. cu, trshptr