2603 - sensitized nila


setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 27mm | f4.0 | ISO100 | 1/100 | aperture priority | raw file cropped, aligned and processed in rawtherapee; jpg healed in gimp

after a rushing weekend today was a slow day. the winter isn´t able to struggle against the spring - our two kitties begin to enjoy the upcoming warmth, too. whereas our first cat zizou, which means white cat in french and was the nickname of zinedine zidane, runs away from home as far and as fast as she can every morning, nila, the second one, most of the time sticks around.

unfortunately zizou´s character has varied heavily since she is allowed to leave the flat after our movement from hamburg to lake constance. currently she is not willing to accept any other kitty in her surroundings. this issue is really sad because the circumstances - nila suffers and as a result she developed a cystitis - prompt us to think about giving zizou away to tina´s grandma. :(

nevertheless we are very happy with both of them. sometimes everything is like we used to do. more usually nila is very sensitized in anticipation of a stupid mobbing by zizou. in the pic above you are able to count her whiskers. i processed the image in a kind of cold style with minor saturation because this feature mirrors the still heavy cold that can be felt when sun is setting down.

cu, trshptr