1305 - quality and passion

quality and passion

setup: canon eos 400d with efs 18-55mm | 49mm | f5.6 | ISO200 | 1.6s | lightroom 4

today afternoon i was up for an extensive music listening pleasure. i would like to describe two different perspectives on the topic.

the head:
technics assures quality. since my uncle had given me an understanding of loudspeakers, amplifiers and sound sources i am very interested in acoustical engineering. for that reason i have studied mechanical engineering with the area of specialisation mechatronics and acoustics and in autumn i will begin a further education study - designed as distance learning - with the topic computational engineering in berlin - i'm looking forward. i want to be forearmed when my time at lake constance has passed and i'm going to return back to acoustics - maybe in 2014.

to assure appealing sound quality i own a good and proper equipment, maybe further details will be the topic of future postings. beforehand i would like to recommend the company nubert: the value-for-money ratio of their loudspeakers is outstanding.

the soul:
music is passion. enthusiasm catches everybody up that opens up to its energy. music is a permanent feature of my daily life. my favourite radio station fm4 from vienna is on constantly and if it isn't i permanently look for new music at spotify. additionally tina and i as often as possible visit concerts and festivals, this year probably the southside festival and the rock am see festival.

above all i have the liability to depressive music. music can't be too sad for me. even though it may sound unusual - many a time i'm overwhelmed by a special transient mood so that i just can't help it and indeed the music makes me cry. for me this is a cathartic process.

music is passion. among others it is my passion.

cu, trshptr