1709 - zest for life

1709 - zest for life

setup: sony nex 7 with fujian 35 f1.7 | 35mm | f1.8 | ISO100 | 1/160 | lightroom 4.1

attention: next up is strict personal content, maybe you'll be bored to death.

i'm 28 and childless. the thing is not that i don't like kids. quite the contrary i really enjoy the presence of babies and children. at the present i'm simply not yet prepared to give the majority of my personal freedom up. indeed likely a time will come when i'm differently minded. so basically it cannot be ruled out that tina and i will be parents somewhen.

till then i delight in my mates' kids. although mika is definitely not the easiest baby around the world he's simply cuddly and absolutely lovable.


cu, trshptr

btw: i especially like the technical imperfection of today's pic. the blur expresses the joy, the movement of the captured scene and his zest for life perfectly.