1809 - huh?

1809 - huh?

setup: sony nex 7 with sigma 30 f2.8 ex dn | 30mm | f3.2 | ISO100 | 1/1250 | silver efex pro for lightroom

today was packing day. tomorrow morning we'll sally towards italy. first we are going to spend a few days of hiking in the ortler alps and afterwards we'll regenerate while relaxing by the mediterranean sea in liguria. we both are thrilled to bits. we simply can't get enough of travelling.

at the beginning of the week we took temporary farewell of kingston, the dog of our neighbours. during a long walk in the sunset we got over the the first vacation stress. haha, of course there was no stress yet, but prevention is better than clemency. dog walking with kingston is a real pleasure - he is attentive, mostly on orders and a big funster. he's a great companion although only a temporary one for us.

if there is any internet connection almost two kilometres above sea level i'll report with the daily pic from south tirol tomorrow.

cu, trshptr