pool position

pool position - sony nex 7 | sel35 f1.8 | f7.1 | ISO100 | 1/4

this is the kadewe, das kaufhaus des westens. it's one of berlin's symbols of prosperity and wealth. the store, that was firstly opened in 1907, passed through all the different periods of germany's diverse 20th century.

for the moment this will be the last but one posting about berlin: last but not least i'm currently working on a series about berlin's underground stations, that will be published in the near future.

nocturnal activity

betham city - sony nex 7 | sel35 f1.8 | f4.0 | ISO1600 | 1/30

between nightfall and daybreak, the time when i'm able to spend some hours with all the things that haven't anything to do with any kind of duties, i use the chance to wander about the winterly town and capture these particular moments on sd card.

i can't even begin to tell you how much i love the prospect of the towers at potsdam square in the west of berlin. once again i was reminded of the tremendous gotham city from the batman series.


the museum island of berlin is divided from the rest of the city by the river spree. in the gallery below i like to show you two different views along the river from one of the thirteen bridges across the island. the first one was captured with standard, the second sample with very high iso settings: i tried to obtain a shutter speed that was suitable for freezing the fluttering flakes of white grain.

0610 - the admiration

0610 - the admiration

setup: sony nex 7 with walimex pro 8 f2.8 fisheye | 8mm | f2.8 | ISO1600 | 1/15 | cornerfix & lightroom 4.2

often in life the right moment is very if not most important.

unfortunately we hadn't purchased tickets for the basketball match between alba berlin and dallas mavericks in advance. therefore we had to see to buy two tickets for the second of four matches of the nba's european promotion tour directly in front of the arena on the black market. we even saw a few ticket seller, probably all private sellers and not managed by an organised ticket mafia. but either the seats weren't contiguous or the prices simply maddening. in other words today we didn't come upon the right moment to have the necessary luck you need to have to get tickets for such an outstanding event last-minute. as a consequence we had to admire the wonderful arena from the outside.

the importance of coming upon the right moment in such situations of life is quite similar to photography. at least for today's pic i chose the right moment - the sun had already set down behind the newly built parking ramp and funnily my mate martin was standing completely isolated from the rest of the people what in my opinion expresses our situation in a great way.

cu, trshptr

0510 - raw

0510 - raw

setup: sony nex 7 with walimex pro 8 f2.8 fisheye | 8mm | f2.8 | ISO1600 | 1/20 | cornerfix & lightroom 4.2

a very special place in berlin is friedrichshain. also if you are the craziest guy all over the world you will not attract too much attention on the street in friedrichshain. a great many of the mostly young people of friedrichshain are very extroverted and make the scene quarter feel a bit strange if not crazy.

moreover an uncountable number of more or less beautiful street arts adorn the streets of friedrichshain. these facts together with the darkness of the night create a bit of an atmosphere of an end time movie, especially in the case that you really enter the dark and moody backyards like for instance the art gallery raw berlin has one attached to its main building where the dark shapes are already waiting for you.

cu, trshptr